Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to the Sacramento AALC Forum

The African American Leadership Coalition (AALC) was formed in October 2008 to assist in developing a cohesive agenda across African American organizations in the Greater Sacramento area. Motivated by the prospects of electing both the first African American President and the first African American Mayor in the history of Sacramento, leaders from a number of organizations (NAACP, Greater Sacramento Urban League, Sacramento Realtists Association, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, to name a few) realized that the time was “now” to come together and work toward shaping a policy and advocacy agenda to promote the interests of the African American Community.

The AALC will lead efforts to bring together African American organizations and leaders to develop a common agenda, and to organize advocacy efforts directed at key stakeholders in the Greater Sacramento region to positively effect change in the condition of the African American community. The goal of the AALC is to:

  • Improve policy responsiveness of local government;

  • To secure equitable opportunity for prepared, reputable African American firms and individuals;

  • To ensure that equitable resources are allocated to interests in the African American community that are prepared and properly position to successfully convert those resources into community benefits; and

  • To improve the overall condition and self-perception of the community.

Bringing together organizations and leaders in the African American community to forge a common agenda and advocacy strategy - taking advantage of particularized strengths and the power of collaboration - will result in an improved ability to effectively lobby and advocate for the overall interests of the community. Committees were formed in November 2009 to begin designing strategic objectives in the following areas: advocacy, communications, economic development, education, healthcare, and housing. These effort will form the foundation for future actions of the AALC.

Please join us and spread the word about the wonderful effort we have here in Sacramento! Email us at

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